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Loveboxx Elevates 'Hate' in Masterful New Re-Issue of Song

(Editor's Note — Loveboxx has re-issued its single 'P.S. I Hate You,' made available recently on the streams. The band's vocalist Mary Fantrazzo spoke with 1120 Press about the process and experience in re-recording the song. Loveboxx is also comprised of Angelo Fantrazzo, guitar; Seth Welty, bass, and Ricky Leonard, drums. — Photo by Meredith Snow - provided by band.)

1120 Press: Congratulations on the new single, ‘P.S. I Hate You!’ — which is actually a re-release and now out on the streams. How does it feel having it out there in the universe?

MARY FANTRAZZO: We were so excited to get this version released! We feel grateful to be able to work with such an amazing, talented team. We also really appreciate that we have the opportunity to be able to release high quality songs as an independent band.

1120: We saw that the band worked with producer/songwriter Skidd Mills and mastering engineer Brad Blackwood, both of whom have won multiple Grammys, and engineer Nick Borgosz from Sound Authentic. Can you tell us about how this collaboration came about?

MF: Nick has been with us since day one, even before we had a full band. He has played an integral role in helping us find our sound, and continues to be an asset in creating new music with us. We are proud to call him our friend, and we rely on his technical skill to move our music to the next level.

We have been making a lot of contacts in the local, and now national music scene. When Skidd was interested in working with us, we were super stoked, because his production quality is top tier. He connected us with Brad, and these three guys have helped us create something we are very proud of.

1120: What was the catalyst in wanting to re-record the song?

MF: Between us and Nick, we really wanted Skidd and Brad's production level and years of experience behind us.

1120: The new release is really heavy and aggressive but contains this vocal that’s not only powerful but melodic and beautiful. It’s a very cool and engaging blend. The band mentioned on social media that the song was “elevated.” Can you talk about how you believe it was elevated and what Skidd, Brad and Nick were able to bring to the recording of the re-release?

MF: To say it shortly, Skidd was able to bring so much emotion to the mix. He added production in the background that brought it to that emotional level.

1120: What else is happening on the Loveboxx front these days?

MF: We are also in the process of re-releasing our song "Anxiety" in the same fashion as "P.S. I Hate You." We are in pre-production right now in the process of recording an EP/album. This is our main focus right now, while playing some local shows when possible.

1120: Is there anything else you’d like to add that we haven’t touched on?

MF: We are constantly writing new songs and adding to our setlist, so come see us live to catch some new, unrecorded songs! Soon we will focus on enhancing our live performances and work on making a few videos, along with some short regional touring.


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