1120 Press was established in 2020 to provide a forum for new and established writers to showcase their work without having to endure the hassle of traditional publishers or the fleecing of self-publishing companies. Check out the VOICES link to read our writers, and consider submitting your own work.


train makes its way down Main Street in Buffalo on a Saturday morning.


1120 Press


The traditional publishing world now does more to silence writers than it does to publish their work.

That's why 1120 Press has started a forum called 'Voices' —  (see link above) — that aims to showcase the work of writers from all walks of life.

Send us your short stories, essays, commentary, humor, reviews and poems.

Submit to jmswriter67@gmail.com. All work is subject to editing.


1120 Press was founded by   

J. Matthew Smith, a journalist, author & photographer. His work can be found at  buffaloredux.substack.com and at  mattsmithimages.com

"Everyone has a creative impulse, and has the right to create, and should." — Patti Smith


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