We're 1120 Press, a publishing & media company based in Hamburg, NY.


We work with veteran and emerging writers, publishing their work to ensure their VOICES are heard.

We also provide through Matt Smith Images  promotional & editorial photography services for businesses, real estate, bands, events, athletes and news stories.

1120 Press



The traditional publishing world now does more to silence writers than it does to publish their work.

That's why 1120 Press has started a forum called 'Voices' —  (see link above) — that aims to showcase the work of writers from all walks of life.

Send us your short stories, essays, commentary, humor, reviews and poems.

Submit to jmswriter67@gmail.com. All work is subject to editing.

Contact 1120 Press at: 
Or email  jmswriter67@gmail.com


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train makes its way down Main Street in Buffalo on a Saturday morning in April.

"Everyone has a creative impulse, and has the right to create, and should." — Patti Smith