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Destroyah at Timeless Babez

We often receive questions pertaining to issues such as those listed below. So, we figure it might be helpful to provide the following info in regard to these:





1120 Press does not review the music or any other art produced and/or released by local artists. It’s not our place to judge, and besides, who the hell are we to do so? It’s our job — and privilege — to get the word out about your work, not critique it. 



Live Shows — Since we consider 1120 Press a news publication, we shoot live shows as news events. Therefore, bands are not charged. That said we limit the number of shows we shoot each month because it is not our intent to cut into the business of the very talented live music photographers in our area whose photography is their livelihood.


Band Publicity Shots — 1120 Press does not shoot band promo/publicity shots. Those are shot, at cost, separately by Matt Smith Images ( and other talented local photogs specializing in that area. 


While 1120 Press will pursue its own story ideas, we want to hear from you. Don’t be shy. If you have something you’re doing that you believe would make a good story, let us know. It might take us a while to get to. Our resources are limited. But the squeaky wheel often gets the grease. Contact us at:   

Music Coverage

1120 Press focuses its coverage on the local indie, punk, hardcore music scene in the Greater Buffalo area. We respect and admire all musical artists but because our resources are limited, our focus is a narrow one. *Note — We do not cover cover/tribute bands.


Art Coverage

Our coverage is not limited to music. If you are an indie/DIY artist in any medium: painting, multi-media, written word, photography, film maker, etc… please feel free to reach out.


Social Issues

The social issues confronting our community often plays a role in informing the art that’s created. We are interested in covering social, economic, community-based matters — especially those that have a DIY aspect to them.


Your Merch
We love your merch. We will wear your merch. We will proudly display your merch, enthusiastically — on our cars, laptops, bodies, foreheads, wherever. But as a news organization, we will not accept free merch. We can get preachy about supporting local artists, but we mean it, too, and so we’ll walk the walk.


Guest Lists
If arrangements are made beforehand between an artist and 1120 Press to cover a show/event etc… please consider putting our organization on the guest list. We will always pay admission, regardless, but our addition to a guest list helps a venue know there’ll be someone on scene with cameras and whatever else we might need to do our job. It’s just a courtesy thing. Thank you. 

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