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K-Hole Readies for the Road to Spread its Furious Sound Across the Land

(Editor’s Note — K-Hole is a hardcore band that officially formed in July 2022. In the last year, they’ve released an eponymous album, while playing live relentlessly. Now, they’re about to hit the road this summer playing across the east coast and Midwest. They work their ass off and their live performances are full-throttle, which we witnessed recently at Loco Fuerte II in Hamburg. The band spoke with 1120 Press in the days leading up to that show, and we appreciate their time. K-Hole is Adrian Silva, vocals; Lucas Kaleta, guitar; Matt Pillath, bass and Kevin Lienert, drums. Please check out our story below.)

1120Press: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. To start, K-Hole is coming up on its one-year anniversary as a band. Looking back over the past year, how do you guys feel about everything?

Lucas: It's been exciting. We've improved a lot over the past year, and we've really locked in together playing so much.

Adrian: We're all pleasantly surprised that it's been going so well.

1120: In that one year-span, the band has released an album, and you guys have been prolific performers. You seem to be playing out constantly. Can you talk about the band’s philosophy and work ethic?

Matt: Our philosophy is that we try to have fun while playing and to not take ourselves too seriously while still staying consistent.

Lucas: We try to play out as much as we can and spread our music as far as we can.

Kevin: Our work ethic is that we practice as much as we can.

1120: Speaking of performing, you guys are coming off the Loco Fuerte II show in Hamburg and are now headed out of state to play shows in Cleveland and North Carolina. What are your thoughts heading into those shows and going out on the road?

Adrian: We're grateful that people even like us in other states.

Kevin: We're just excited to be going back to North Carolina; we love it down there.

Lucas: It's cool to be playing music while traveling, I never thought I'd be able to do that.

1120: What’s your take on the Buffalo hardcore community? Has anything this past year stood out to you, or made an impression on the band?

Lucas: There's so many people on the scene now and they've been nothing but supportive. I love seeing all the new bands popping up.

Matt: There's Buffalo bands going out playing in other countries putting Buffalo on the map, and that makes people want to play here in Buffalo more.

1120: What’s the rest of the summer hold for you guys once you return from the road?

Lucas: We have a show in Baltimore mid-July that we haven't announced yet, and we plan on hitting Pittsburg. We're also planning on going to the Midwest at the end of August. Also planning on recording two new songs and releasing them by the fall.

1120: Anything else you’d like to add that we haven’t asked?

Adrian: We're looking forward to seeing what this next year has in store for us.


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