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'Bombs & Bullets': A Look at the New Video by Smitten For Trash

(EDITOR’S NOTE — The blackgrass/folk-punk band Smitten For Trash recently released its debut video — a very cool black-and-white production and grim commentary on the realities of combat. The band is comprised of singer-guitarist Jd Crossman and multi-instrumentalist Robin Killgore, two of the coolest and most-accommodating people on the scene. Recently, Jd was nice enough to speak with 1120 Press. Check out their video and please read our short piece below.)

1120PRESS: Thank you so much for talking with us! You just released your first video, which is for the song “Lose, Lose..,” and it’s very cool. Can you tell us about the experience?

JdCROSSMAN: It was all D.I.Y. We filmed most of this at the abandoned Buffalo Main Terminal, which was a fantastic setting for the film. We go there a lot in the summer to jam or just hangout. Cool spot for sure. Robin filmed most of the video with my phone and we were honestly surprised at the results. Robin killed the filming process.

1120: Talk about the concept of the video, which also features Buffalo artist Reese Daniels. How did Reese get involved?

JdC: Basically, the concept —  in a short time span obviously — is just a glimpse of the aftermath of war. Losing family, friends, brothers, and sisters to a war not worth fighting. Is it even our war to fight? Anyways, war is bad. Period. There is a lot going on in the world right now and not everyone will make it home at the end of the day.

Reese got involved because we are simply good friends. And they are so fun to be around!

1120: Lastly, what’s the word on the new album that Smitten for Trash has been working on?

JdC: The new album “Lose, Lose..” is still in the works! We are shooting for early spring for release. We will be doing vinyls, cassettes, and all sorts of goodies for this album and our upcoming tour for this release as well!!! Keep your eyes peeled for more info to come!


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