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Broken Locker Drops Sonic Debut EP, ‘One Time Before I Die’

(EDITOR’S NOTE — Hardcore-punk band Broken Locker appeared on the scene a year ago, playing its first gig at Buffalo Porchfest. Since then, the trio has been a regular fixture at venues, playing in support of punk, hardcore and thrash bands all over the city. After a full-year of shows, Broken Locker today is releasing its first EP, titled ‘One Time Before I Die,’ recorded last month at Watchmen Studios in Lockport. 1120 Press spoke with the band recently about the new record and we thank them for their time. Broken Locker is: Chris Gibbo on bass and vocals, Mike Clifford guitar and vocals, and Jeff Szatkowski on drums.)

1120 PRESS: Congrats on the EP! How does it feel to have your music out there finally after gigging straight for the past year?


Jeff: Vindicating with a sense of ease and calm.


Mike: I agree with Jeff, man. It’s vindication of where we’ve been and where we’re heading. We grinded for a year and it paid off with an EP that we are proud of. 


Chris: It feels awesome and a huge relief. We knew we had to put something out in order to get a clean sample of our music: for fans, for promoters, and to set some songs free in order to move on to new tunes.


1120: The band recorded at Watchmen Studios with Doug White. What was that experience like for you guys, and did you take anything away from it that might shape your direction in the future?


Mike: Man, where do I start? How about this: Doug is the fucking BOMB! He’s so chill, relaxed, welcoming and so easy to work with. He knows his shit and had great ideas to help us achieve the sound we were going for. And the stories too! Doug’s a gem! As far as what we took away from the session, considering Doug’s feedback into account, is to just keep doing what we’re doing. We’re on the right track.


Chris: Doug and Watchmen are great! It was great to see what we could all put together in one day in the studio. Doug is full of history and class. Anyone who gets a chance to record with Doug is super lucky. That being said, we're already scheduled to record again with him this fall. 


Jeff: I felt the most relaxed since I started playing walking into the Lockport studio and then sitting behind the drum set.


1120: What can you tell us about the EP? Going into the studio was there any

particular sound you were aiming for?


Mike: The subject matter varies from tongue-in-cheek humor like ‘L.E.S.,’ which is a song about living through a lake effect snowstorm, to ‘Leave Them,’ which highlights the perils of losing bees to extinction from pesticides. I think these songs showcase our style really well. As far as sound goes, Doug read our minds and went for a raw, gnarly, “live” sound which we wanted and we feel he achieved on the EP.


Chris: We have wide range of songs and we wanted to showcase a few styles and to put a few fan favorites that we noticed people at shows resonate with.


Jeff: It’s a sample representation of our work to date and each of us has their own original song idea on this release.


1120: You guys have your first gig out of town in Syracuse coming up. Is playing outside Buffalo now a game plan for the band?


Mike: I think so. I think it’s time to experience music-life outside of Buffalo and spread the music of Broken Locker to the masses. I’d also like to thank (the band) No Complyance for inviting us to play in Syracuse, as well.


Chris: Buffalo is an awesome hub geographically. We are fortunate to be surrounded by so many awesome towns and scenes within a close proximity. I am very excited and pushing to take this band on the road.


Jeff: Yes. Burlington, VT here we come.


1120: What else do you guys have going this year that you’re looking forward to?


Mike: We’ve already touched on playing more out-of-town gigs and we’re excited about pursuing that avenue and seeing where it takes us. I’m also looking forward to our musical journey as we define our sound. Our music seems to be naturally evolving into a heavier sound and we’re really enthused about that.


Chris: As I mentioned earlier, we do have another recording date coming up. We are constantly writing new tunes and I thoroughly enjoyed that outlet of being in the studio. We also have a bunch of really exciting shows coming up with great bands at sweet venues.


Jeff: For me, this already took place. My two young sons were able to see us play on stage last week thanks to the ALIENHOST Presents all-ages show at Area 54. They like dad’s “crazy” music.


1120: Congrats again! Anything else you want to say before we wrap up?


Mike: Thanks so much! I’d like to thank 1120 Press for all that you’ve done for us and for the music scene in our city. Secondly, I’d like to thank all the bands and people that have helped us and guided us over the past year. We’ve met so many awesome people and have played with so many cool-as-fuck bands. I’m enjoying this ride so much and am very grateful and thankful to be here. Can I plug our next show? The one this Saturday with Virus X, Johnny Revolting, and Landfill Hearts at The Tudor Lounge? Be sure to check us out on all socials and also please give us a listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, or wherever you stream your music! Our CDs will be out soon too. Thank you all for your support! Peace! 


Jeff: Yes. Thanks to all those who went to our shows. We used your energy to hone in our sound and fund our first recorded work. Thanks to 1120 Press, 13 Dead Canaries and Skyway for getting us started on WNY stages. Also, check out our website at reverb nation and songs on amazon and sound cloud 



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