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Bryan Dubay’s Monthly Song Project Circles New ‘Orbit’ with Latest Single

(EDITOR’S NOTE — There’s something about Bryan Dubay’s music. Endlessly interesting, it’s easy to get lost in; and once you get lost, you soon realize you're glad that you did. Bryan was kind enough recently to speak with 1120 Press about his ongoing monthly song project and all that’s happening, and we’re thankful for his time. Please read our story below.)


1120 PRESS: Thank you very much for speaking with us. When we learned of this project you had going, it intrigued us. To bring everybody up to speed, you have been releasing singles each month since the year began: ‘Silence’ on 1/1; ‘Walk It Off’ on 2/2; ‘Black Ocean’ on 3/3, and now today — 4/4 — your latest single, 'Another Orbit,' has dropped. How did you conceive this idea; was there any particular catalyst or inspiration?


BRYAN DUBAY: It seemed clever and people responded to it well when I told them the idea. The thing I didn’t expect is how much I actually like having the deadline every month. I’m mixing and mastering eight out of nine of these songs, so it forces me to stop tinkering and just release. 


1120: What can you tell us about the single released today?


BD: ‘Another Orbit’ is inspired by a line in Camus’ The Plague. I probably butchered it but I took the part I liked: “when will I be old enough to describe an entire life?” I often start writing songs mumbling some words that seemingly come from my subconscious and I defer meaning from that one line and expound upon it. I did the same thing here but just with someone else’s line. The whole song is a series of questions with no answers. Ultimately leading to the big question I have: ‘What will be remembered, loved and talked about by the people who knew me when I die?’ 

I have to mention that my good friend Karle Norman created the cover art for ‘Another Orbit.’ He also did the art for my first album ‘Grand Eternal Season.’ I love his art so much and I know you guys will, too. Please go check him out.


1120: You will be carrying this project thru to 9/9. Is there a specific reason you are ending there? Do you have all the songs written, or are you letting the spirit move you so to speak and creating as you go? 


BD: I just dwindled my reservoir of songs down to the nine I really liked and fit together well. I produced eight out of nine myself in my home studio. Nick Levine (Jodi, Pinegrove) helped out on production for 'Walk It Off,' which was a bit of a dream come true. If you don’t know Jodi, please go check them out. I chose to bring the songs into Mammoth Recording Studio to get drums laid down in a couple five-hour sessions. Shout out to Justin John Smith (engineer) and Matt Cosmann (drums). 


1120: Is there anything in particular inspiring you these days that’s being reflected in the music you are writing as part of this month-by-month project? Also, we’re curious: As you do this, is there anything you’re discovering that perhaps you didn’t expect?


BD: The songs I’m releasing right now were written years ago. I’ve played many of them live with my band over that time. But they have existed in the same form that whole time. If I find myself tweaking the structure, lyrics or melody of a song for a long time, it means it’s time to put it to bed. 


I am always inspired by other musicians. Lately the band Flyte has been rocking my world. They just released a doc about recording their last album and it made me go insane. I was just in awe of how they communicated to each other about the feeling of a song, the production style they wanted and the relationship between producer and artist. This just solidified the idea of working with a producer for me. For such a long time the making and recording of music has been vastly a solo sport for me. So now, I’m excited to have someone else to lean on and bounce ideas off. 


1120: You are playing April 26 at The 9th Ward/Babeville with Tough Old Bird as part of their ‘Garden Dream’ album release party. Besides this monthly single project, what else do you have on the agenda for this year? 


BD: Yes! I was so surprised to be asked by them and I think our styles make sense together. I am concentrating on shifting my live performances. Last year, I was playing with a 5-piece band — (shout out to Danusia Riffel (drums), Dave Riffel (keys), Courtney Wofford (vocals & alt percussion) — but, for now, it's me on acoustic and I have Ken Will (formerly on bass) on some beautifully spacey/ethereal/moody guitar for 4/26! I’ve got plans to build up the band with bass and drums, so if you know anyone please let me know!


1120: Thank you again for taking time from your schedule to talk with us. Is there anything else you want to say that we haven’t covered?


BD: I’m just really happy to be asked questions about the thing I spend all my time thinking about. I love playing gigs so don’t hesitate to book me! See you all 4/26 at 9th Ward!



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