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Buffalo's ‘White Crayon’ Aims to Make his Mark Highlighting Bands, Artists & Brands

He calls himself White Crayon, named after the crayon in the box that always seems to be the odd one out, the one that never gets used.


But unlike his namesake, this Buffalo music fan is making himself more than useful, working to bridge the gap between bands, creators and the public at large.


“For me it’s about helping to spread the word about what otherwise might go unnoticed,” he said in an interview recently at Revolver Records in Clarence. “Bands, brands, creators — I work to help them get noticed.”


His passion led him to create an independent promotion business — also called White Crayon — that since January has been working to highlight bands, businesses and artists.


“I had the idea for a while, but it finally came to fruition this year,” he said. “It’s a safe platform where artists are not only promoted but where bands, creators and artists can come together and find one another to collaborate.”


Working with his wife, a graphic artist who goes by the name Goth Giggles, provides his

services at no charge to artists, opting to support his platform instead through the sale of White Crayon merch HERE, including stickers, acrylic pins, and shirts made to order.


“Everything I do is for the love of the music. It’s a passion,” said White Crayon, who is in his late 20s.


Through Instagram and various other social media and digital platforms, White Crayon pushes out music playlists. He highlights bands and their songs with weekly promotions such as ‘Throwdown Tuesdays’ and ‘Wreck Shit Wednesdays,’ as well as ‘Song of the Day’ promos. He also helps bands by pushing tickets and merch.


His promotion work includes attending concerts and festivals to pump his brand and meet with bands. Artists he has met include Wasted Space, Signs of the Swarm, Face Yourself and The Bunny The Bear.


When a band, artist or brand joins forces with White Crayon, they become part of “the Crayon Box,” choosing a color that marks their place in the ‘Crayon community.’


“Everybody I’ve met doing this so far has been super nice and super lovely,” White Crayon said. “My mission is to be an ambassador and help artists get their music out, and to help fans learn about the bands they’re into because I know what it means to be a fan. I want to bring people closer.”





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