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Buffalo Songwriters Retreat: ‘The Record of Your Life’ with Davey Harris

Updated: May 23

(Photo Provided)

Davey Harris, aka David Mutner, has had a busy year.


The former drummer for the Buffalo-based indie band, The Tins, Harris has been traveling around the country as a solo act, spinning out singles such as “PNG Dance Remix” and “Predictable.” He’s also has been creating music videos with accomplished collaborators such as Jeff Fitzsimmons, started writing and recording “Animals,” his first full EP, and has rubbed shoulders with Steve Davit, saxophone player in Marian Hill’s live band.


Now, Harris will be front and center in Buffalo where he’ll host a songwriting retreat at the end of this month at Mammoth Recording Studio, owned and operated by his fellow Tins bandmates Mike Santillo and Justin Smith.


“It’s meant to be a fully immersive experience,” he said of ‘The Record of Your Life Retreat,’ which be held from May 31 to June 3.


Harris will be vetting people into the retreat and has high hopes for the “experience,” having already put on two others like it in Hawaii. Those two island-bound retreats were called “The Song of Your Life” and people have been pushing for a more local destination to put their creative powers to use.

“The purpose of this event is to be a creativity catalyst for every individual involved. It’s for anybody who has a curiosity in how music is made or wants a reawakening when it comes to art and inspiration,” he said.


Harris said every person attending will complete a “music recording” goal. Whether you’re a drummer who’s never played on a track, or a music lover who’s never been a vocalist, this retreat could take you out of your rut and into a solid artistic place, Harris explained.


“It’s almost about art rehab,” he said.


Harris was inspired to help others with writing music by a mentor during his time on the island.


“The very first one was a hunch of mine with an encouragement and I was able to get 10 people together and it seems to have changed their lives, including mine,” he said, adding that he later talked to Davit about a Buffalo-based retreat for over a year.


There will be about 20 people, maximum, in the studio as part of a band, or collective. Harris said there may be multiple vocalists, but the whole of each song will remain “harmonious.” Different from the Hawaii retreats where each member wrote their own song, everyone here will be part of each song. “Joining forces” and a “collective shared experience,” Harris said.


“The joy of here is everybody is part of creating each song and (will) take ownership in that song and has a critical role in the song,” he said. “I’ll just be here to fill in the blanks.”


Harris also said he is getting ready to release “Animals” at the end of June.


“It’s about all the different animals songs I’ve done,” he said. “So, things are happening.”


If interested in joining the retreat, send email to


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