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DISSECTION: Dishonored's '7 Ton Bridge' Commands Attention

Updated: 7 days ago

Over the last day here at 1120 Press, we’ve been spinning Dishonored’s new EP, ‘7 Ton Bridge’ … (and by the way, that’s a very cool title for a record.)


With our calendar as jammed as it is, we didn’t have any plan to write about the record, but we were definitely anticipating the drop, so when the EP hit the streams Monday we made sure to listen. And then we listened again. And then again. And again.




‘7 Ton Bridge’ becomes more interesting with every spin. And as such, we were forced to switch gears.


This EP is skillfully structured from the very beginning, the mood set perfectly by a foreboding Intro during which a crow caws off in the distance as an oncoming train approaches in a storm. As the opening track ‘5 or 6 Dots’ kicks in, a fury of sound hits, escalating in ferocity for the record’s duration. The stranglehold is unrelenting until you reach the midpoint of the Outro, when the EP suddenly transitions and rides out on a wave that is as cool as it is unexpected.  


‘7 Ton Bridge’ is uncompromising. It is turmoil and torment, brutality, resistance and, ultimately, vanquishment.


Not too long after 1120 Press started, and way before we had our sea legs under us, we caught Dishonored at Stamps. They were one of the first bands we shot, and their performance was raw and powerful. A self-described ‘Suplex Metal’ band, they were somewhat intimidating. Yet they were engaging and exuded this communal spirit. It was an interesting juxtaposition. They left a memorable impression.


So too does ‘7 Ton Bridge.’


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