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DISSECTION: ‘Do Crime’ Drops Blistering Debut EP

If there wasn’t already reason to feel good about what’s happening on the Buffalo scene — with the spate of fabulous bands, new and existing, dropping a blizzard of great music recently — now there’s even more reason to smile with the release of Do Crime’s eponymous debut EP.


Bursting officially onto the local landscape in March, the melodic hardcore band is comprised of scene veterans including Derek Dole, Chris Gajewski, Torsten Wildermuth, Nathan Boorman and Joe Villella.


With a first-wave hardcore sound tracing lineage back to 1980s Washington D.C., Do Crime’s bloodline is shared with band’s such as Minor Threat, Scream and S.O.A., making them a welcome presence on the local scene while helping to fill a void otherwise occupied solely by the excellent Buffalo band, G.O.A.


In listening to the 6-track EP, we couldn’t help but think Do Crime is aptly named. There’s something about these songs that make you want to bust out and commit a felony, and then turn around and take the cash you just jacked to spread goodwill across the land in a Robin Hood sort-of-a-way.


Wildermuth — Do Crime’s vocalist and lyricist — does a masterful job wrapping his words around melodies that fit perfectly with the band’s roaring avalanche of sound. In totality, what’s been produced here is a musical head-on collision where angst meets hope.


“… Here’s my chance to make a break …” Wildermuth sings on the searing anthemic song, The Escape. (Go ahead: Ask us how many times we’ve spun that tune already.)


Though the EP seems longer — in a good way — the six songs on this record clock in at just over nine minutes. And with that, we can’t help but think that, somewhere, Dee Dee Ramone is smiling.


(EDITOR’S NOTE — You can catch Do Crime and G.O.A. — along with Propaganda Dodger, Hold Out and Kill Uncle — June 15 at the new Railyard Skatepark in Lockport. The event starts at noon.)


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