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Division Rivals Drop the 'Sonic Funk' with Release of New 5-Song Demo

Updated: Mar 19

(Editor's Note — So far, 2024 has been a busy year for Buffalo's Division Rivals. Today, the band is releasing a 5-song demo — a drop that follows the release of its single 'Cellus' earlier this month. The demo, in fact, serves as a prelude to its debut album which is expected to hit next month. We spoke with the band's bassist Chaz Lamar and vocalist Zay Lester who talked about the new tracks and what's ahead for the band. Division Rivals also is comprised of Dangelo Johnson, drums; Jake Maurer, guitar, and NeDavion Palmer, sax. We're going to step aside and let Chaz and Zay do all the talking here. We thank them for their time.)

ZAY — (Though the plan at first was to drop just two songs) we kinda all got together and did some mixing and decided these five songs were good enough to drop as a demo. (HEAR DEMO HERE)

The songs include 'Paper,' 'Punk Funk,' 'SONIC!,' 'Mexican Bam Bam' and 'Cellus.'

CHAZ — "'Funk' tends to be a crowd favorite... We’re trying to keep that underground feeling alive and we’re using SoundCloud now specifically to try to grab that.

ZAY — The goal now is an 8-to-9 track LP in April.

CHAZ — The album will be celebrated with a release party that will happen in April hosted by a good friend of mine, Danny Helms, who runs Metagama. We have a ton of fun shit planned for the summer!"


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