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Doing It Their Way: A Talk with Little Liar

In a scene where the landscape across the city is dominated mostly by punk and hardcore music, Little Liar has carved out a niche all its own.


“We’re doing our own thing,” said Matt Levulis, the band’s lead guitarist. “We’re doing what we want to do, not what everybody else wants us to do.”


It seems to be working.


Since forming just over a year ago, Little Liar has gigged relentlessly, attracting fans and opportunities along the way — including being asked to open for Adelitas Way this coming Thursday, June 27, at Rec Room, along with Buffalo melodic-metal band Loveboxx and DramaScream from Binghamton.


“Heavy and dark,” is what Levulis says he and the rest of Little Liar gravitate toward in their music.


So much so, in fact, that the band just put out two new singles covering Sabbath’s “Paranoid” and “Them Bones” by Alice In Chains.


Meanwhile, new, full-length work by the band — which released their debut album, ‘Liquor, Lust & Anguish in October 2023 — isn’t in the cards just yet. Levulis said the group is aiming to have 12 songs on its next album with a possible New Year’s release.


Working with Austin Reese, lyricist and vocalist, is a pretty solid practice, Levulis said, as well as with Nathan Dash on bass and Derek Langdon on drums. He said as far as songwriting goes, Reese — who also plays rhythm guitar — will often make a chord progression and Levulis will then put a riff under that. After they’ve played it a few times, Reese will go back and make up the lyrics.


“That’s the process. There’s been a few exceptions like ‘Truth Hurts’ on Liquor, Lust & Anguish. I wrote and structured that entirely on my own, gave it to Austin, brought it to the band and I pretty much had it all. Not the lyrics. Austin does all the lyrics,” he said.


Reese, in an interview with 1120 Press the day before Father’s Day at the Transit Music Lounge in Depew, said his lyrics often explore love, heartache and, coincidentally, issues with his father.


“We have a pretty good relationship now,” he said. “We talk more.”


Coming off a week break, the band now is focusing on getting into shape for Thursday’s show.


“We had to push hard for that,” Levulis said. “They already had booked Loveboxx and DramaScream.” The back and forth started two months ago, but the band’s After Dark connection helped since the promoter for the show, he said, “loves our music. Thinks we’re great musicians.”


“Shout out to Nic from After Dark,” Levulis said.


Tickets for Thursday’s show can be purchased HERE.

(Editor’s Note — Revolver Records is now carrying Little Liar’s album 'Liquor, Lust & Anguish' at all of its locations. Photo for this story by Benjamin Joe)



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