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‘Eclipsapalooza’ Music Fest to Cap Busy Upcoming Weekend at Daredevil Records

Daredevil Records in Niagara Falls is set to embrace the forthcoming

eclipse with a full slate of events that will kick off Friday evening and run through Sunday, culminating with an 11-hour music festival dubbed ‘Eclipsapalooza.’


“The bill (for the show) came together pretty quickly because I had the idea really last minute,” said Daredevil owner Jessica Berry, who was generous enough to set aside some time in her busy schedule to speak with 1120 Press recently.


In putting together Eclipsapalooza’s lineup, Berry said she reached out to the Niagara Falls-based psychedelic-alt band Jupiter Trolley, the first group ever to play at the store at 324 Niagara Street. By the time she was done with the festival’s bill, Berry had more than 10 acts, ranging from punk to jazz to brass.


And, there'll be a magician, too.


“I actually like to have different sounding bands,” Berry said. “That’s why it’s Eclipsapalooza, because it’s more a variety of music.


The daylong festival kicks off at 1 p.m. and will feature: Rhys The Magician, Karma Queen, Fowls, Solar Pyramid, Pam Swarts, Eric Weinholtz, Dave Brown, Ed Croft, Division Rivals, Romcom Victims , Jupiter Trolley and Brass Pro & The Waterfront Revivalists


Berry said not only was choosing a wide variety of bands intentional, so too was the decision to have Brass Pro close out the night.


“They play music in marching band style with all brass," she said. "I really wanted them to close because my idea, actually, is to have them not really march, but walk everybody out of the store and down Old Falls Street to the Falls. I thought that would be so much fun.”

This weekend’s events at Daredevil will get underway at 7:30 p.m. Friday with a ‘Total Eclipse Tipsy Talk & Wine Tasting,’ featuring a selection of wines and a 45-minute presentation by Daredevil’s ‘resident scientist.’


“The resident scientist is actually my wife who's a scientist. She’s going to be giving a PowerPoint presentation about the eclipse and different things to look out for — things that people might not know about, like the pink rainbow effect, and why you have to wear your glasses,” said Berry. “There will also be wine tasting. It’ll be fun.”


Saturday morning at 10:30 a.m. the store will host a 75-minute ‘Total Flow’ blacklight yoga and meditation session. Then at 8 p.m. Saturday evening there will be a ‘Total Glo’ blacklight dance party.


Tickets for all events happening at the store are available on Daredevil’s website at Berry said in purchasing tickets on the web, people should avoid paying for shipping and instead select ‘pickup.’ When they arrive at the store, they will then receive a wristband.


Estimates have put the number of people who are expected to flock to the region to see the eclipse at between 500,000 and 1 million. Officials in Niagara Falls, Ont., say they expect to have the single largest number of day visitors Monday in its history, and the city has already declared a state of emergency. Meanwhile, in Niagara Falls, NY., hopes are high the eclipse will bring business.

“I really think it’s going to be busy,” Berry said. “As long as the weather says partly cloudy we have a chance. The hotels are booked solid. People are gearing up. There’s a lot of events happening. All over the city there’s tons of stuff happening.”





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