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EMCEE M.D. 'Energized' by Release of New Album 'e=mcMD'

Rapper and promoter Mark Miller — who performs under the moniker EMCEE M.D. — drops his latest album today, a 19-track LP titled ‘e=mcMD.’


Available only in physical form, the album — released, and for purchase, on USB thumb drive —  is a unique multi-media offering including not only music but photos, videos, wallpaper, poster, lyrics.


As part of today’s drop, Miller also has released digitally the album’s first track, a manic wordplay titled ‘Energize,’ which can be heard HERE.


“Making the album, I went through a lot of things within its span of creation up to finishing,” Miller said. “To me, I wanted to make something raw but still keep it where the hook that draws you in — whether it be sing-along choruses, the beats, certain scratches of the DJ or instruments — is something that grabs you.”


Miller will be marking the record drop with a 7 p.m. album release show tonight at Rock N’ Roll Heaven in Orchard Park, which will also feature Mega Ran, Danimal Cannon and Worm Quartet. Tickets can be purchased HERE.


Recorded and mastered at Watchmen Studios in Lockport by Doug White, the album also features DJ Optimus Prime (Muhammed Farqan), vocalist Tabetha Briggs, and musician Ricky Coates on trumpet. White also provided some guitar and keyboards on the record.


“All their talents were amazing and so, so, so much appreciated,” Miller said of the contributors.


The new album, which Miller said he plans to promote by hitting the road this summer, can be purchased by contacting EMCEE MD through his Bandcamp page HERE or through Facebook HERE.


“It’s weird because I find myself constantly listening to this over and over because it's just a good time,” Miller said of ‘e=mcMD.’


“It’s got a little something for everyone: whether it be in-depth songs with furious rhymes and wordplay and depth, some funny cheekiness and wit, some more personalized slices of life or a certain topic, or just some simple raps to shut off your brain and laugh at.”








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