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‘From the Abyss,’ Lost Artifacts Rises Upon Buffalo’s Metal Scene

(EDITOR’S NOTES — 1120 Press recently had the pleasure of speaking with Lost Artifacts, a new band on the Buffalo metal scene which recently released its debut single, "From the Abyss.” Coinciding with the release of the song, Lost Artifacts also released a lyric video, which can be seen at the bottom of this page. Lost Artifacts is: Brad Guenther - vocals; Justin Lee Tasker – guitar; Jared Buncy - bass, and Rob Becker – drums. We thank the band for its time. Note - Lost Artifacts asked to be quoted collectively. Please read our story below.)


1120 PRESS: Thank you for speaking with us, and congrats on the new single,

‘From the Abyss’! How does it feel to have it out there?

LOST ARTIFACTS: We're excited to finally let people hear what we've been working on. The band has been mostly a secret prior to the public release of “From the Abyss”.

1120: This song marks Lost Artifacts debut. How long has the band been playing together and how did you find one another?

LA: We formed Lost Artifacts from active members of Benot Breathing, Among The Outcast, and soon were announcing a second guitarist from another local metal band! We started working on the new music about a year ago and only recently announced the band formation along with our first single.

1120: We’ve had the single on heavy rotation. A few things we noticed: it’s heavy, yet very melodic; the guitar work throughout the entirety of the song is quite unique, and for a song that is over 5 minutes — which not many bands are doing these days — it doesn’t seem 5-minutes long. Can you tell us about what the band aimed for on this particular song, and the philosophy behind the band’s overall approach to writing?

LA: This song was definitely an epic. Justin crafted most of the melodies and string sections that make up the intro and backing tracks. In the process of finding our sound, we wanted to bring heavy metalcore elements into our music while still bringing melody and singing into the mix. Our prominent use of backing tracks throughout the song creates an atmosphere, while giving the band the freedom to bring heavier elements into the song. 

We weren't afraid of doing something different for our debut single. This song has a lot of contrasting elements in it. The call and response of the string sections against the guitars creates a full sound that we really love. There's a lot going on in this song and it's worth a full listen. We think it will be really awesome live.

1120: Is this single a prelude to an EP or LP? Is the band currently writing and what might we expect in the near future?

LA: This is the first single off of our EP that we are working on. We are recording our songs now and expect to release later this year. We have a lot of big ideas and we’re trying to have the whole EP finished upon our debut show in October.

1120: Two of the band’s members also run Phantom Entertainment (which is presenting a show Saturday Feb. 24 at Moose Lodge in Springville with Katspo, An Easy Death, Among the Outcast, Thinning the Veil and Habits Have Teeth.) What’s happening on that front — are there any trends we should know about; how would you gauge the current state of the scene?

LA: Phantom Entertainment is booking shows with some of Buffalo's best artists and building our name, as this is Brad and Rob’s first year in business as an entertainment company. We’re hoping to install our setup in new venues closer to the city to have bigger and better shows, but were still having fun down in Springville. We have a great sound system so we make it work in our current location despite being a short trip from Buffalo!

We have had some great responses from artists and guests. They are always shocked when they see our set up. We have a great stage and sound, we pride ourselves on making sure each band sounds and looks their best.

1120: Moving forward, what else does Lost Artifacts have on the immediate horizon? Is there anything else you want to add that we haven’t touched on?

LA: We're working on our next single off the EP — it's called “Time Dilate.'' We hope to have that out by April followed by the rest of the EP later this year, maybe at the end of summer. We're booking an EP release show in October, which will be our first show. There's a lot of work to do in the meantime, so we will see you guys then!




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