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UPDATED: GoFundMe Set Up for Young Woman Seriously Injured by Stage Diver

Updated: May 3

By now you might have seen posts on social media about a GoFundMe set up for a

young woman named Bird Piché, who was involved in a tragic accident while attending a recent show.


We want to help spread the word of the effort to help Bird and her family since the need is not only urgent, but great.


Bird, a passionate music fan and avid runner, was hurt Tuesday April 30 while attending the Trophy Eyes show at Mohawk Place. She suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury, requiring extensive surgery.

A video posted online reviewed by 1120 Press shows Trophy Eyes singer John Floreani leaping from the stage into the crowd, back first. He is then hoisted above the crowd and passed around overhead of those in attendance.

An eyewitness posting to Reddit said:

"I was at the Buffalo show last night. Trophy Eyes were two minutes into the first song of their set and the show was abruptly halted. A girl in the middle of the crowd ended up getting seriously injured after this stage dive. I left immediately once I saw the state she was in. I heard the show was cancelled once the ambulance showed up.

Really hoping for the best possible outcome for that fan."


Mohawk Place has long had a strict no stagediving policy.

On Friday, the band released the following statement via Instagram:

"As the result of the tragic accident on the night of April 30th, a fan was injured at our Buffalo NY show. We elected to immediately shut down the show and John accompanied them to the hospital with their family. Out of respect for the family, we have refrained from speaking about this publicly so far, but with the blessing of their family we are now able to say how truly heartbroken we are to be here now. Our friend, Bird, is now in recovery, but still has a long road ahead for them. A GoFundMe has been set up by their family. You can donate below. This situation has shaken us all to our core, and we ask for patience while we look to help Bird navigate this difficult time. Please keep Bird in your thoughts. We remain in close contact with them and will expand on this as new news arrives. Yours faithfully, Trophy Eyes."

Friends have reported that it is still too early to know Bird’s prognosis, but what is certain is they have a long road of recovery ahead.


Funds raised will be used for medical bills and the equipment Bird may need to function throughout life as a result of the accident. While donations have been steady, the cost of Bird’s care and treatment will be astronomical. Once discharged from the hospital Bird will require rehabilitation, and will not be able to work for considerable time.


Friends and family will provide updates on Bird’s progress as more is known and based on Bird’s level of comfort.


Meanwhile, if you are in a position to do so, please consider DONATING TO HELP BIRD AND THEIR FAMILY HERE.




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