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Goodbye Metro Enters a New Era with Single ‘Dark Blue and Below’

Updated: Feb 29

(EDITOR’S NOTE — Goodbye Metro has dropped a new single ‘Dark Blue and Below,’ which hit the streams Feb. 24. The duo was not only kind enough to speak to 1120 Press about the new song and all it has going on, but they also generously agreed to our interview request despite our very tight deadline. We’re grateful. Please read our story below. And make sure to see the band's Tiny Desk submission video at the bottom of this page in which they perform 'Dark Blue and Below.' — Photo by C&S Photography )

1120 PRESS: Thank you for speaking with us. Congratulations on the new single, ‘Dark Blue and Below’! On social media, in announcing the single, you guys expressed almost a sense of relief — (and correct us if we are wrong about that) — writing, “it feels so good to be back to releasing music…” Given that this is the band’s first release in a while, how does it feel knowing you have new music about to drop?  


HAYLEY: We are so excited to be able to drop our new single. This song is very special to us (and) has gone through many different changes over the past few years, but we feel it has really taken shape due to our ability to create in our own studio space at home. 


LOGAN: We've been working hard to set up our space to be able to consistently track. These past two years, we came to terms, and understanding, that we both operate much better without the time constraints of working in someone else's studio.


1120: Is there anything you can tell us about the song in particular? There’s a moodiness to the track and in the introduction to the Tiny Desk submission video for the song you noted it’s about “being stuck.” Can you elaborate? 


HAYLEY: It embodies that feeling of realizing your stuck for longer than you could have ever known. Although the deep and painful feelings suck and can be really hard to face, it's about being able to feel all of it and not fade into either numbness or only the hard emotions. Basically, the only way out is through, and even though it gets hard, all the work and effort is worth every single moment of it. 


LOGAN: In the early years of our band, all our music only developed in a live setting. After many years of trial and error we truly feel like we've arrived at a creative process that works for us. This being the first product of this new era is very exciting for us. 


1120: Though you haven’t released material in a bit, the band has not been idle. Is this single a prelude to more new music coming soon? You mentioned in announcing the song’s release the band has “a lot up our sleeves.” What can you share with us about the what we might expect from Goodbye Metro?


LOGAN: We're hitting the ground running and aiming for an album release in the fall of this year. In the meantime, we plan to release some singles in between and nail our live performance setup for maximum efficiency. 


HAYLEY: We're also both trying to get better at bringing merch to shows, so we'll have some cool stuff at upcoming shows!


1120: We’re sure you have been asked this before but we’ve never asked: The two bass approach — how did you guys come up with that idea and what intrigued you about pursuing it? What do you think that approach does for you in terms of sound, possibilities, etc.?   


HAYLEY: There was never really a decision to be a band with two bass players. We were writing and playing music together and the evolution of what happened wasn't something we tried to fight. We've never really thought about it in terms of instrumentation as much as roles to be filled and we tried quite a few different combinations before we landed on the duo basses.  


LOGAN: Once certain equipment came into our lives and tonal possibilities seemed endless, it only seemed natural that we both played the instrument we we're most comfortable with. The drum machine/play back approach is just something that made sense for us as a tight knit creative dynamic duo. 


1120: Is there anything else you’d like to add that we haven’t touched on?


H&L:  Though we've come to a place that we are quite satisfied with, we're excited to keep pushing ourselves and releasing music as well as surpassing any limitations!


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