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Heads Up for the ‘Guillotine’ — Buffalo Hardcore Vets Unveil New Band with Two Debut Singles

(EDITOR’S NOTE — Nick Giammarise — the former frontman for the long-running Buffalo hardcore group Claymore — is back with a new band, Guillotine. The 4-piece group — which also features Buffalo hardcore veteran and former Claymore member, Pat Bevelock — has released two new songs with an aim to record a full-length album in the near future. The band also includes Krys Chase, drums, and Collin Patrick, bass. We recently caught up with Nick who was generous enough with his time to discuss the new band and its music, the end of Claymore and what lies ahead for Guillotine. We appreciate Nick’s time. You can listen to Guillotine’s new songs and follow the band HERE.)


1120 PRESS: Thank you for speaking with us. Congratulations on your new band, Guillotine, and the recently released music! After 16 years with Claymore, how does it feel to have this new project and new music out?


NICK GIAMMARISE: After so many years with Claymore, it feels refreshing and invigorating working with new people. I love my old bandmates, but Pat and I have a whole new outlook on music now. Unfortunately, after a long period of time, you can sometimes find yourself kind of stuck in a rut so to speak. We kind of feel 20 years younger now. 


1120: Does the writing/music by Guillotine represent a departure in any way than what Claymore was doing? To us, the new songs are definitely hard but they also seem more melodic. Are we wrong about that?


NG: Pat and I will always be hardcore at heart. Claymore was heavy and fun no doubt, but now with Guillotine, we find that we can do so much more musically because of Krys on drums and Collin on bass. They are amazing musicians. We are a hardcore band, but we are not afraid to experiment because the talent all around is so great. I'm really proud of them and there is no limit on what we can do.


1120: What’s the subject matter being explored on these songs. They are intense.


NG: The new songs are mostly about letting go of the past, even though it may be hard to do, and embracing new direction. Claymore was such a big part of mine and Pat's life. It was tough to let go, but we had to change. These songs are a positive for sure. And many more to come.


1120: Where is the band right now in terms of writing? What else can we expect from Guillotine and what’s on the agenda looking ahead?


NG: Guillotine is in the process of writing new material and working on some fun cover songs. We plan on working a lot to complete a full length album. It may take some time, but we want it to be really great. We are always looking for fun shows to play, because right now the Buffalo music scene is as good as it's ever been in my opinion. 


1120: Is there anything else you want to add that we haven’t touched on?


NG: It’s really hard to find people you truly enjoy playing music with. I was lucky that I had so many years with my good friends, and I'm thankful that I was able to find new friends that I really love writing and playing with. Bands out there — please cherish the time you have together because it’s kind of hard to come by. Thank you. Long Live Buffalo Hardcore. 



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