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K-Hole Drops a Monster New EP in ‘Discordant’

(Editor’s Note — K-Hole is one of the Buffalo hardcore scene’s hardest working bands, gigging relentlessly both locally and in other states. Now, the band is about to release a new EP titled ‘Discordant’ on Friday, March 1. They will also be playing an EP-release show Friday at Area 54 (Amy's Place) with Inhaler, Debatably Stable and Forest Fire. Doors at 7 p.m. K-Hole’s guitarist Lucas Kaleta and vocalist Gavin Russell were kind enough to take some time to speak with 1120 Press recently. We’re grateful. K-Hole also includes Matt Pillath on bass and Kevin Lienert on drums. Please check out our story below)

1120 PRESS — Congrats on the new EP! How does the band feel about it dropping? Is there anything you are particularly excited about in regard to this release and what can you tell us about its making?

LUCAS — Thank you! We are super excited about this release. It's going to be our first release with our new vocalist, Gavin. We recorded this at QCA studios with the great John Angelo. Definitely our best work so far. We have developed as a band now that we have been around for a little bit and know what sound we are going for. 


1120 — What subject matter is being explored on ‘Discordant’?

GAVIN — The lyrics have a general theme about nihilism and the irony of modern thought. Also, there are some theological influences in there. 

1120 — You guys have been very active consistently, not only in playing locally but in playing shows in other states. What’s been that experience like?

LUCAS — We love being active. We try to play out of town as much as possible. It's wild seeing the support we get from other cities when we travel. None of us ever imagined we would be able to travel making music. It's all very surreal to us. Of course, we love playing locally. All you Buffalo people show us so much support and we can't thank you guys enough.  

1120 — The bill for the EP release show looks pretty badass. How does the band feel going into the show and is there anything you want to say about it?

LUCAS — We were lucky to get some amazingly talented bands on this bill. We are super excited to be able to party with all of you guys, celebrating our release. The support we've gotten on this show alone is crazy. All the bands on the bill definitely are worth checking out.  

1120 — Is there anything you want to add — about what else is on the agenda for this year or anything else — that we haven’t touched on?

LUCAS — So far this year we’ve got shows in Detroit and Chicago, end of March. We're playing Violent Youth Fest in Virginia at the end of April and probably going to get another out-of-town show for the trip. We're also in the works for a bit of a longer tour at the end of August. And, of course, some local shows sprinkled in the mix. Keep supporting Buffalo hardcore. Keep making music. Start a band with your friends. All of this is just about having fun and being creative. And thank you for your interest 1120 Press.



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