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Meet Wolfenstein: Young, Rambunctious, Hardworking Old-School Purveyors of Thrash Metal Savagery

(EDITOR'S NOTE — We first came across Wolfenstein at Loco Fuerte II in Hamburg back in June when they opened the daylong hardcore/thrash fest. They played with boundless energy, helping to set the tone for the day. Wolfenstein knows exactly who they are and they make no apology. It's a great trait to see in a young band, who just released their debut demo, 'Defcon 0'. (You can listen and support the band HERE.) Recently, the band got together to answer a host of questions from 1120 Press, which they asked that we attribute collectively. Wolfenstein is: Aaron Schreckengost: "Lead howler, growler, and screamer" (Lead Vocals); Nick Wesley: "Six-string Shredmaster" (Guitar); Peter Aversa: "The Sicilian Thunder" (Bass Guitar), and Miles Manuse: Une Batterie (Drums). Also check out their song 'Leatherhead' at the end of this story — Photos by Owen Shotwell)

1120PRESS: Thank you for speaking with us. Congratulations on the new demo, ‘Defcon 0’! How’s the band feel about having it out there?

We're absolutely STOKED to finally a put out a real good recording to the Buffalo scene and bang some heads across the country. It's something that's been on the burner for a hell of a long time and it's super fulfilling to see it out in the world. It's a real source of motivation now to continue working hard and kicking ass so that we can keep giving our bloodthirsty underlings the metal that they NEED!

1120: What struck us immediately about the demo is how unique it is in the sense that there are not many bands on the scene right now putting out releases filled with heavy 7-minute sonic thrash jams. Tell us about the band’s philosophy in taking that approach?

Our ethos back in the days of the band's beginning was to pour every killer idea we had

into every song until each one left as much of a murderous impact as the last. We were really new to writing metal songs at the time, so we took a lot of inspiration from our influences. Albums like Metallica's ‘Kill Em All’ and Testament's ‘The Legacy’ are all packed with these 6-minute-long thrashing epics. We suppose that listening to those songs and then going to write our own riffs and lyrics, the songs just kind of end up that length without us even realizing it. However, nowadays, as we begin to expand our horizons to new music and develop as songwriters, it's become more important to us to write songs with not just speed-metal fury and killer riffage, but also the intention and economics that leaves you screaming for more.

1120: Can you talk about your influences? There’s a somewhat old school aura about you guys. Are we wrong in that characterization?

Oh, hell yeah, we're old school! It's been our mission since we formed to bring the violence and electricity of pure heavy metal down like a hammer on the brittle craniums of a modern world. As a band, we draw heavy influence from '80s titans like Razor, Whiplash, Sodom, Exodus, Motorhead, Possessed, Exciter, Power Trip, Hellripper, and the almighty Metallica. However, our inspirations don't stop at just thrash and speed metal. Our inspirations range from traditional metal like Maiden and Priest, to 1st Wave Black Metal like Bathory and Venom, to hardcore like Mindforce and Children of Technology, to the gods of rock n' roll like Led Zeppelin, Queen, and Rush!

1120: We’ve been struck by how prolific you guys are in terms of playing out.

What’s been your impression of the scene and how would you describe the band’s work ethic?

Are we prolific? Fuck yeah! That's so awesome to hear. We love the scene here in Buffalo, even if it feels like an uphill battle at times being one of the only thrash bands around. We work ourselves to the breaking point for every song and show with a killer ambition, and do our damndest to slaughter like no other at every possible appearance. You won't find a band our age that fights tooth and nail like Wolfenstein, and that's a promise! We've found incredible friends out in the scene both in terms of bands like our relentless thrashing allies in COMBAT GALA and in venues like the heavy metal home base, TIMELESS BABEZ! You'll catch us out on the city stages at every possible opportunity, cracking skulls and crushing balls!

1120: What’s next for Wolfenstein? What are the band’s plans moving forward?

Keep thrashing like maniacs like always! We've got big plans in the making for new killer songs, big killer shows with big killer bands, and one mighty fucking killer album that will be tearing your eardrums to shreds before you know it! Our hopes in the coming months are to make contact with other young thrash and speed bands across the East Coast and possibly set up some shows out of state and maybe even a tour. Only time will tell of course, so until then, stay tuned underlings!

1120: Thank you for speaking with us. Is there anything else you want to add that we haven’t touched on?

Thank you for the opportunity! It's meant a lot to us to be so welcomed by such hardcore metal motherfuckers.





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