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Olexi Makes Powerful Statement with Blistering Album, “Rock N’ Roll Paint Job”

“I’m queer and want to seriously injure anybody who has a problem with that,” said

Brandon Oleksy, the artist who performs under the moniker, Olexi.


The words above came in response to a question posed by 1120 Press, which asked Oleksy whether there was a declaration he was making with “Rock N’ Roll Paint Job,” the full-length 14-track punk album he released today. (BUY HERE)


Throughout the record, Oleksy provides a front row seat to the listener as he openly addresses topics such as his sexuality, mental health and first experience with LSD. But as confessional as the album may be, it is also a thank you — a thank you to some of his earliest musical influences such as Husker Du and the Minutemen, as well as to Buffalo where, as a Chicago native who grew up in San Diego, he has been embraced as an artist and a human by a city that in so many ways may as well be another planet compared to where he spent his formative years.


“Rock N’ Roll Paint Job” — which is the second of 12 releases planned by Oleksy this year — also marks a departure for Olexi the musician, who is better known for putting out ambient synth-driven soundscapes.


Some standout songs on the new album include: “I Am Not Your Queer,” “Buffalo Fight Song,” “The B-Side to Adult Books” and “No Fun.” He also covers “Jail Break” by Thin Lizzy.


Widely known for his captivating photography documenting Buffalo’s hardcore scene, Oleksy plays every instrument on “Rock N’ Roll Paint Job.”


 “Well, I didn’t play an actual drum set,” he said. “I don’t have space for it and I don’t know how to play drums! So, it’s just a sequenced drum pack that I made. (But) this is all DIY, contrary to what I might put on the release for each album. None of them are recorded in a studio. All (are) done in my house, or partially in a practice space I borrow sometimes. Still, big thank you to Johnny Toohill for letting me use his practice space to record vocals and Biff for dubbing the tapes! Also, big thanks to V, Adria and Alex for a ‘big thing’ coming soon with this album.”





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