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Pilot-Field Drops 'Harder & Faster' New EP

(Editor's Note — Pilot-Field has a new EP dropping Friday, March 1. We recently caught up with the band’s Dan McCormick (vocals, guitar) who told us about the new release and upcoming show on March 7. We thank him for his time. Pilot-Field, which is made up of two sets of brothers, also includes: Tom Brennan, bass, vocals;  Darren McCormick, guitar, vocals, and Rob Brennan, drums. — Photos by John Vaughan.)

1120 PRESS: Thank you for speaking with us and congratulations on the new EP! Just like the band's debut demo back in June, a lot of people are looking forward to this release. What can you tell us about it?

DAN McCORMICK: The title of the EP is “Counterfeits,” and is a shorter EP — (compared to the demo) — consisting of just three songs:  two with the full band, and one acoustic. We made these songs harder and faster than the demo which I’m super stoked about. Lyrically, there are pretty consistent themes of self-respect, self-growth, and understanding that no one else’s perception of you matters more than your own. 

1120: You guys worked with Jay Zubricky at GCR Audio on the demo. Did you work with him again and if so, what is it about him that you guys dig?

DM: We recorded everything with Jay, as usual. Every band I’ve ever been in has recorded with him. He’s the best engineer in the city and is a great friend to me and the rest of the band. 

1120: Do you have any special plans/shows to promote the EP, and is there anything else you want to say about what’s ahead for the band?

DM: Currently the only show we have on the calendar is March 7 at Casa Di Francesca’s with Autoignition, Robbery Club, Stand Still, and House & Home. We’ll likely be playing a couple more local gigs this spring, and hopefully some out-of-town shows this summer. Other than that, there are a lot of songs in the pipeline that’ll likely get recorded later on this year.


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