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SOUNDBITES — A Roundup of Music News from around the Buffalo Scene

(EDITOR’S NOTES — Bands across the scene in Buffalo have been working on, and releasing, new music at a furious pace. In an effort to keep up with what’s happening, 1120 Press, on occasion, will be publishing ‘Sound Bites’ to highlight what’s brand new, and what’s coming, as it relates to recorded music. Feel free to give us a heads up at … ** New music, and news relating to music releases only; please do not send information relating to shows.)


Loveboxx — which just announced today it will be opening for Saliva and Drowning Pool on August 31 and later this month will be supporting Hinder — has completed its latest album. The new record is expected to drop very shortly, so keep watch. The melodic metal band worked on the album with producer/mixing engineer Nick Borgosz of Sound Authentic, as well nine-time Grammy winning producer Skidd Mills and three-time Grammy winning mastering engineer Brad Blackwood.


Autoignition’s excellent debut LP ‘This is Moving Forward’ is now being made available on vinyl in two different colorways. Pre-orders, along with other merch and bundles, are available HERE. There’s a ton of stuff available from the band at this link. Give them all your money. Shipping will be mid/late September. Follow the band’s socials to keep up on all news.


G.O.A UPDATE: As previously reported, Buffalo first-wave hardcore band G.O.A. recently worked with the legendary engineer/producer Don Fury, whose legacy includes Agnostic Front, Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today and Helmet. From those sessions, GOA will be releasing a new 7-inch. Now, the band has announced that record will be issued by the Triple Hammer Records, a label that works with a spate of great Buffalo bands. Check out Triple Hammer at the link above and all the cool stuff they do. 


Virus X: Speaking of legends, the legendary Virus X today announced that a new companion CD for the band’s vinyl album, ‘Virus X 1983 - Vol. 2 The Final Vinyl,’ is now available. Message the band HERE if you want one. The limited run on Uniray Records features 4 new tracks, as well as the original self-titled album.


The Living Braindead have released a new single titled ‘Bar Whore.’ It’s a total banger. Check out the new song, and follow the band, on the streams, including at this link HERE.


Olexi, aka Brandon Oleksy, is out with his latest album as part of his 12-albums-over-12-months project. The LP — titled ‘This Album Title is Way Too Long, I Should Probably Shorten It’ — is available HERE.


Clown Teeth will be releasing a new single at the end of next week. The song is called ‘Albert Camus.’ Keep an eye out for it.


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