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Stress Dolls Drop New Video for Single 'Close Enough' with Trademark 'Style'

(EDITOR’S NOTE — Endlessly prolific, Stress Dolls continues its relentless output with the release today of its official video for the song ‘Close Enough,‘ teaming up once again with Bran Schlia of Steak & Cake Records. Stress Dolls’ Chelsea O. was nice enough to share with 1120 Press the story behind the making of the video, which can be seen on this page. We’re going to get out of the way and let Chelsea tell the story from here…)

“Believe it or not, the concept of this video originated from a Taylor Swift music video. I was having a hard time coming up with a storyline, but I thought the vibe of the song would work well with vivid visuals of nature scenes, and it brought to mind a video of hers that I had seen years ago for the song ‘Style.’ I hadn't actually watched it in a long time, but what stuck with me were sequences where her outline was filled in with shots of forests and beaches. 

“I reached out to Bran Schlia (Steak & Cake Records), who I collaborated with on both the "Alone" and "Ghostwriter" music videos, and passed along this idea. Once he was on board, I knew I could trust him to flesh out the loose concept I had and make it into something tangible. Since we didn't have the technology to do something quite as extreme as the visual effects of that T Swift video, we shot a performance sequence with various images being projected on me, plus walking scenes in a couple of different locations, including downtown Buffalo, and Tifft Nature Preserve. 

“Our only sticking point was that we didn't have a resolution planned. Bran wanted it to be filmed at a beach in Hamburg, but beyond that, we were a little clueless as to where it was going. It hit us near the wrap of the final shoot that an ending having to do with reaching the water's edge made sense, but by that point the sun was down and, honestly, I was freezing. We opted to go back and re-shoot it the Sunday before the eclipse, and though the beach was much more populated, we managed to find a desolate spot. It's some of my favorite footage in the entire video.”



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