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The Desert Comes to Buffalo — Meet Desert Crystal

Updated: May 29, 2023

(EDITOR’S NOTE — Hailing from the desert of Southern California, Desert Crystal is new to the Buffalo music scene. On Monday, June 5, they’ll debut their new video for the single, ‘Anorexic Girl,’ a song that’s very personal to frontwoman Little Crystal. 1120 Press caught up with Little Crystal to welcome her to Buffalo, and to learn more about Desert Crystal’s music and soon-to-be-released video, which is a captivating, animated work. — photo by Cory Courtney)

1120 Press: So, to start with, let’s introduce you: You’re new to the area. Where are you coming from, and how is it going here so far? Have you met any folks from the local music scene? LITTLE CRYSTAL: I'm from a desert called The Coachella Valley located in Southern California. It's been wonderful here so far. Total opposite from home — coming from a 114- to-125-degree giant sand bowl to snow, rain, and low temperatures — but I’m loving it so far. Loving the trees, the grass, the parks. Call me a fuckin’ hippie but tree energy is real. Ha, ha. I haven't met anyone here from the music scene, yet. I have to kinda force myself to get out there, go to shows, and deal with social anxiety. Ha. I know I'll get over it. I'll be fine. Going to shows and supporting other bands is what I did back home and I'm looking forward to doing that here. I miss catching live music.

1120: Tell us about your music. We listened to Wasted Day and caught the video for the song and it’s all very cool. LC: Thanks! I guess the songs that have been recorded so far can be described as punk, maybe hardcore. I don't know. I'm a lover of music and have an eclectic taste and wouldn't want to be stuck in that category/genre. 1120: You have a new video (HERE) that’s debuting on Monday, June 5 for the song

Anorexic Girl. What can you tell us about it?

LC: Anorexic Girl is dark and personal, just as my other songs are. It's about what I went through as a teenager. In no way am I trying to glamorize anorexia, or make fun of, or put anybody down for having an eating disorder. 1120: The animation for the video is captivating. It immediately draws you in the second you see it. What can you tell us about that in terms of how the animation and concept came about? LC: I originally wanted to make a live action music video. Hoping to find a naturally underweight gal. I didn't have the time and place to do it because life got in the way. My cousin suggested to look for someone on Fiverr to help me. He actually told me about this service years ago and I never really checked it out until recently. I came across Videos Mosconi and checked out clips of the videos they made. They're weird, bizarre, and creepy. Like Gumby on acid or something. I really dig it. I like weird. I like shit that's trippy. Videos Mosconi helped me make my ideas become a reality. They also threw in their own ideas. It's an awesome blend. 1120: We’re looking forward to the video debut and welcome to Buffalo! Before we wrap up, is there anything you want to add that we haven’t touched on? LC: Thank you so much! Buffalo immediately became my 2nd home. I'm looking for like-minded musicians to jam with. If anyone out there digs what they hear, hit me up on Instagram or Facebook! Thanks for your time and consideration. Until next time!

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