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The Future is Now: Monomaniac is Ready to Carry the Torch of Buffalo Hardcore

(EDITOR'S NOTE — The future of Buffalo Hardcore seems to be in good hands with Monomaniac. The young band has been generating a buzz with its live performances, and is starting off the new year with the release of two new singles. The band was kind enough recently to speak with 1120 Press. Read our story below. Monomaniac is: Derek - Vocals; Logan - Guitar; Regan - Drums, and Jackie - Bass. — Photos by Brandon Oleksy, provided by the band.)

1120PRESS: Congrats on the release of the band’s two new songs! How does it feel having them out there finally, especially given that it’s your first release since Derek joined the band (replacing former vocalist Captivated C)? 


REGAN: It feels so great to have this release coming out. Personally, I felt kind of confined with having “SPIT” be the only song that we have released, because it’s just not us anymore. We are definitely a hardcore band (with other influences,) and that song is more of a Rage Against The Machine sound, and that’s just not what we’re looking for. Don’t get me wrong.. it’s a great song. Logan did an amazing job with the riff, and Captivated C made the lyrics so catchy, and they flow perfectly. And Derek is just amazing. He’s like an older brother to me already. This band is my family. And I can’t wait to release more and go far with these guys.


LOGAN: It feels amazing to finally have something out that represents the new Monomaniac, especially with Derek. We’re back with a new sound and I’m so excited for people in the scene to hear it. I already know that people love our unique sound and energy so hopefully that transfers over into the recordings.


1120: You guys have been widely embraced on the scene, especially by the “older” bands, not only in hardcore but punk bands, too, such as On the Cinder, who you just played with at Timeless Babez. We’re wondering what you guys make of that embrace, and how it makes you feel? 


LOGAN: It’s honestly just surreal seeing the growth happening right in front of me. It’s all so fast but it makes me feel amazing knowing that everyone in the Buffalo scene is behind us and ready to see what we do with ourselves.


REGAN: I’ve wanted to be a drummer ever since I was like 2 years old watching Mickey Dolenz play. I’ve always played with silverware or chopsticks at restaurants, and always sang along word-for-word any Monkees or Kanye song that would come on. Now that I’m 16, I can expand and explore what I like. And seeing people who are the same, and love music the way I do and support me for it, makes me the happiest I’ve ever been. I thank everybody who supports us. It’s unreal. Thank you.


1120: Older hardcore bands are saying they are seeing a-sort-of hardcore “revival” in Buffalo. The Nov. 17 show at Amy’s Place, which you guys played, was packed to the gills, and the Rec Room event with Integrity, Despair and Union, which you guys attended, was sold out. What do you think is driving that revival from your perspective? Young people are turning out.


DEREK: I personally think this new wave of the scene has a lot to do with the pandemic. I myself was a post-COVID hardcore kid. I feel as if during the isolation a lot of us younger kids really didn’t know what to do other than sit inside and discover new things on social media. That’s how I discovered “heavy music” in the first place. All I did during the pandemic was learn a lot of music and screams (thank you, Slipknot). I didn’t get into hardcore until recently. I think it’s a great thing that there is a new wave or generation of kids coming in, so we can keep this moving full steam ahead for a long time coming. For me being 21-years-old, it is inspiring seeing the excitement the older generation has for us and the other younger bands in the scene. I heard it was dead for a while, but ramped back up more than anyone would have ever imagined recently. The November 17 show was so unbelievably special to my band and I, and probably is for the other bands that played too. I saw it as we are the new kids here, let’s show everyone what we got and the support was unfathomable. Hardcore is an all-ages genre but the younger generation is starting to really fall in love with it like everyone else did back in the 90s. I’m excited to keep it going for as long as I humanly can. 


LOGAN: I think that hardcore everywhere is rapidly growing and for that reason alone, all the young kids who are just getting into it are helping expand the scene. It’s bringing back all the old hardcore fans and reminding them of what they once used to be apart of.


1120: Back to the new songs… Is there anything you want to tell us about them — what they’re about, etc… and you’re experience recording them with Justin (Smith) at Mammoth Recording Studio in Buffalo?


REGAN: I think that Derek did an amazing job on these two tracks. The first song, “Dysphoria,” is about being transgender. But, I don’t think you need to be trans to relate to this song. It’s about hating your body, and not feeling comfortable in your own skin, and wanting to change no matter what people say. We made this song to speak out about transgender rights, which is something we strongly believe in. The second song, “Destined to Question,” was written by Derek. It talks about his mental struggles, and his relationship with god and death. A while back, myself and Logan had the idea for the song, questioning your reality. And when Derek joined, he wrote exactly what we were looking for, and we’re all really excited for you to hear them! Also, we love Justin. He’s a goofy dude and fun and easy to work with. We’ve recorded all of our music with him so far, and plan to continue in the future! Mammoth is so comfortable and cozy inside. Also, we all got chicken finger subs together.


LOGAN: These were the first two songs that we wrote after Spit and they mean a lot to us for multiple reasons. The lyrics, the music itself, and the idea behind the flowing songs back-to-back. Plus, recording with Justin is just overall an awesome experience every time. We’ve got to know him pretty well by now and it’s always a fun time.


1120 PRESS: What else is on the band’s agenda for 2024?


LOGAN: Play way more shows, finish recording our EP, get it out there, take over Buffalo hardcore. Remember the name!


REGAN: GET. THE. EP. OUT!!!!!!! We have been working HARD to make as much music and possible. Now, it’s up to us to save up, get these recordings done, and become what we all want to.


1120: Is there anything else you want to add that we haven’t touched on?


REGAN: Trans rights are human rights. Stop the war!! Love one another. END GUN VIOLENCE. Speak for what is right! Use your platform! Oh.. and.. REMEMBER. THE. NAME: MONOMANIAC.

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