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This Shit Matters…or My Fervid Letter to Buffalo

(EDITOR'S NOTES — The following is a letter of introduction from Adrian Leuthauser, our new assistant editor, to our readers. — Photo by Molly Brooke. Check out her work at Molly Brooke Photography. )

I was planning to start this with some sort of anecdote on my discovery of pop-punk and becoming enthralled with the culture and music but I realized no one cares about that. Why? Because we all have our own variation of discovery but each of our stories have similar conclusions. What matters is that we care and love this scene.


Scene, what the hell does that even mean? Everyone you ask will have a different answer, so, here’s mine. It’s an umbrella that encompasses shared interests and love. It’s a feeling of belonging. Again, that’s my short and laymen definition.


Our scene is a community. That’s what we’re trying to cultivate here at 1120 Press. Covering a scene that we care about, to harbor and nurture this community; a platform for like-minded individuals to converge, talk, share and grow.


I was raised in East Aurora and my love for this scene grew as I dived headfirst into the

music. In middle school I fell for Fall Out Boy’s tongue-and-cheek lyrics, Simple Plan, Sum-41 and so many others. High School got heavy as Underoath, Bring Me the Horizon and Of Mice & Men had my heart. I spent some time in Ohio studying journalism at Kent State University, leading me to stints with the radio station, Black Squirrel Radio, Cleveland Scene Magazine and Alternative Press.


Alternative Press, which is now a behemoth magazine, was nothing more than an idea and your classic DIY zine Mike Shea birthed from a passion for the local Cleveland punk scene. I’m not saying we’re here to become the next Alt. Press, but I do believe 1120 can become a platform to look after our local scene. Shea and Alt. Press wouldn’t be where they are if it weren’t for a passion of music, mosh-pits and a love of community.


Does Buffalo get a bad rap in regard to our scene? Outside of Buffalo — perhaps. We’re underdogs and always have been (go Bills!). But from within, we can count on each other. The city of good neighbors steps up for one another, regardless of the circumstances. It’s what makes our city tightly stitched together and we’re here to help hold the seams.


It’s an honor and privilege to step into the role as assistant editor with 1120 and with Matt Smith at the reigns I feel our scene is in good hands. Our mission is to be a platform and a voice for our punk, hardcore, metal and indie artists and others from whatever sub-genre that nestles its way under our umbrella — as well as DIY-artists, creators and indie businesspeople. We write and cover this demographic because of our love and passion for it. Clearly, this was never a phase for us, as I’m sure for most of you it wasn’t either.


I more than likely could prattle on about my love for this scene, litter this with more useless anecdotes but I won’t. I’ll keep this short and sweet and leave you with this: Reach out. Help us grow our platform and give voice to the bands and artists of all types in our little neck of the woods. We always do our best to respond to everyone.


On my side of things, reach out to me, message me on Instagram, send me leads or simply say ‘hi’ if you see me at a show. Or follow and support 1120. Our goal is to grow with you and that can only be achieved by working together.


Ohio may be for lovers, as the Hawthorne Heights song goes, but goddamn it, Buffalo is for the fervid.


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