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‘We’re Proud of What We Have Here’ — Autoignition ‘Moves Forward’ with Debut Album Drop

(Editor’s Note — Autoignition’s new album, ‘This Is Moving Forward,’ drops Friday, March 15. Liam Eber, the band’s founder and songwriter, was kind enough recently to speak with us about the LP, and we’re grateful for his time. Check out our story here. Autoignition is: Liam Ebers - vocals/guitar; Cooper Taylor - guitar; Leo Castle – bass, and Quinn Ebers -drums. — Photo by Karalyn Hope.) 


1120 PRESS — Thank you for speaking with us and congratulations on the new album! What can you tell us about it, and how’s the band feeling about the release given that it’s your first LP?

LIAM EBERS Thank you! We're all just really stoked to have our record out. The demo, EP, and single we released the past few years were all recorded more-or-less by myself and before we ever played a show. So having this come out after really feeling embraced by our local community is awesome and super exciting. This is basically the first release that was done in a professional environment like GCR Audio, though working with Jay Zubricky was a ton of fun and "good vibes only." We're super proud of what we have here, and can't wait for everyone to hear it.

1120 — How many songs are on the new release? We’re curious too about the subject matter you explored.

LE — There's eight tracks on the album, kind of bordering on EP/LP. We wrote more songs for this release, but ultimately it was best just to narrow it down to the strongest songs. All killer, no filler. As far as the subject matter, it's apparent in the album title, ‘This Is Moving Forward.’ Putting it broadly, it has a lot to do with moving on from people, places, routines, comfortability, mindsets, or whatever the listener hears in the lyrics. I'm about to turn 21, and I feel I spent a lot of time at 18-20 trying to relive a past life for means to find happiness or whatever. At this time, I truly believe the way out is always forward. If that means cutting ties with people, or things you used to do that don't benefit you, then so be it. Never look back.

1120 — How would you say this new album compares to your previous work? Is there any new direction in sound, approach, etc…?

LE — Songwriting-wise, these songs were more based around the vocal melody, with the guitar stuff coming afterwards. There's a lot more variation in the vocal work on this album, with a lot more harmonies and layering and all that. The older Autoignition stuff was usually based around riff first; always trying to use the craziest chord voicings I could come up with. This release used a lot more basic power chords, just to simplify things a bit. I think we pulled more from the Blink/Drive-Thru side of our influences this time, rather than the more hardcore-influenced emo and punk stuff we like. But at the end of the day, it's all up to the listener’s interpretation.


1120 — What are the band’s plans to promote this album and what’s on the

agenda for 2024?


LE — The record drops Friday (tomorrow). We're celebrating with a release show at Casa Di Francesca's with Big School (Canada), Old Ghosts (Buffalo), and Gas Station. (Buffalo) on April 13. I'm super stoked on the lineup. I feel there's something for everyone. There's a real nice mix of punk, emo, hardcore, alt-rock and just straight up rock n’ roll. I seriously can't thank everyone enough who helped me put it together. We're playing St. Catharines with Spaced on April 28, which is awesome because they were the first band to really believe in us and boost us up. We've got tentative plans to hit the road this summer, but nothing concrete at the moment. But yeah, we want to do the thing. We just wanna play shows and write songs. We want it all. 



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