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When Legions Fall Continues its Rise with Killer New EP and Stunning Video

Updated: Feb 1

(Editor’s Note — Heavy and melodic, When Legions Fall has been steadily making a name for itself on Buffalo’s metal scene since forming in 2020. The five-piece Buffalo band’s sound draws from a wide-range of influences, defined by tight, master musicianship and powerful yet ethereal vocals. The band in early January released its debut EP ‘Echoes of Human Existence’ and accompanying video for the song ‘Anti-Hero.’ The group recently spoke to 1120 Press about all that’s happening, and we’re grateful for their time. Please read our story below and watch the video at the bottom of this page. When Legions Fall features Jennie Huefner - vocals, Ted Maul - guitar/backing vocals, Andrew Huefner - guitar/backing vocals, Austin Goldberg - drums, and Holly Fortunate - bass. — Photo by Anthony Fortunate.)

1120 PRESS: Thank you for speaking with us. Congratulations on the new EP, ‘Echoes of Human Existence,’ and the video for the song ‘Anti-Hero.’ It’s quite the double-fisted debut. How is the band feeling now that you have everything released and out there — and is there anything specific you want to tell us about the EP?


JENNIE: Thank you. We are pretty proud of the work we put into our first release. Finally getting to share what we are passionate about has been such a great experience. This EP really dives into tough subject matter that I feel anyone can tap into and hopefully feel on a deep level to bring us all closer together.  


1120: The video is really top-shelf, very slick and well-done. Can you speak about the experience, and tell us about the concept? Also, where was it shot?


JENNIE: We shot with Tyler White of Red Owl Media. His creativity and guidance through this process was beyond what we could have asked for. The concept for the song and video is from the perspective of a person playing ‘hero’ and ‘villain.’ Hero when they have something to give, and villain when they have nothing left. It was shot in a repurposed church that Tyler scouted and it was freezing. We all jumped around dancing between takes to stay warm. (Laughs) 


1120: The band has a really interesting sound. In listening to the EP, we hear a blend — not just in the overall work, but even in each individual song — of many elements/genres. How would you describe your sound and where does the band draw from?


JENNIE: That is a good question, one we can’t seem to ever answer. We all have such diverse tastes in music. We make sure everyone has their creative space and play what feels good. That’s really all it is. Great friends playing what feels good to them. 


1120: Not only does the video have a striking aesthetic, but the band does, too. How does the aesthetic, if at all, tie into or influence the art you make?


JENNIE: Although I think we look cohesive, each member has their own personal style. I think that makes the experience and the music better. Letting everybody be themselves.


1120: Can you provide some background/history on the band? We’re wondering when and how you all came together.


AUSTIN: So, this started with Ted and myself, and a friend Jeff, in my basement at home in 2019 just before the pandemic took over everything. And with a few comings and goings of others, we kind of hit a wall getting people. So I reached out to Jennie later in 2020 with whom I've worked in a project before years prior. She's always had her ear to the ground in the scene and I asked her if she knew any other vocalists and lead guitarists available, to which she responded that she herself needed what we consisted of. Needless to say, the rest is history.


1120: So, the EP is out and the new video: What’s next for When Legions Fall?


AUSTIN: The possibilities are endless. We have plenty we still want to share with everyone and we're not done yet!





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