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'Woo'! BOZO's New EP is Very, Very Cool

(EDITOR’S NOTE — BOZO is a very badass band. If we had to describe them, we'd use this analogy: BOZO is that kid in high school who, though not part of the 'in crowd,' is exceedingly cool. You want to be friends with the kid, but there’s something off. There’s a subtle element of danger that surrounds him. The jocks won’t admit it, but they’re afraid of him. The bullies leave him alone altogether. One day, from off in the distance and unbeknownst to you and everyone else, BOZO watches as the captain of the football team jacks you against a locker. Then, three days later, the captain of the football team’s car mysteriously explodes. No one asks any questions. No one has to ... BOZO has a new EP out, available on all streams including HERE. Be sure, too, to check out the band’s Linktree HERE. BOZO is comprised of Christian “Chuck” Richard on bass; Jaxon Giovino on the drums; Don DZU on vocals, and Bill Doherty on guitar. Recently, Chuck and Jaxon spoke with 1120 Press and we’re thankful for their time. Our story is below. — Photos by Matt Smith/1120 Press)

1120: Thank you very much for talking with us. Congrats on the new EP! We’ve had it in extremely heavy rotation since it’s come out. How does it feel having it out there?

CHUCK and JAXON: The EP being released has us curious to see if we can find a fan base out there.

1120: We were first introduced to BOZO at Loco Fuerte II back in June and we’ve referred to you since as ‘hardcore,’ but the more we listen to the EP we’re wondering whether it’s completely fair to categorize the band that way. You guys have a very unique sound: the guitar work on the song ‘Woo,’ for instance, is not your typical hardcore sound. How would you characterize BOZO’s music, and where does your sound come from in terms of influence?

C&J: As opposed to hardcore we fit more into the Stoner Doom /Noise Rock sound and for our influence, much of it lies in the 90’s. Influenced by bands such as Kyuss and early Clutch but also bands like Helmet and Acid Bath.

1120: You guys are going to spend the winter recording an album. Will that be another DIY venture or are you heading into a studio? Also, is there any target for when the album might come out, and will any songs from the EP be included or will it be all new material? 


C&J: For the full-length album, we will be working with the sound tech Alan Kanazawich.

It will include re-recorded versions of the songs on the EP and 9 new songs. The release date for the full album is undecided currently. 


1120: We’re curious about your songwriting process. In following your rehearsal posts, and in listening to the EP, we envision you guys going on these extended jams and finding a song within, or during, those jams. How do you guys usually write? 

C&J: BOZO started off in 2020 as just a rhythm section, most of the material starts there. Bill did not join until early 2022. Don entered the picture much earlier in the song writing process, getting vocal melodies and jumping in on guitar to expand riffs into songs. Once we had Bill on board, we gelled with him and felt the sound was complete.

Although some of the songs predate Bill, his guitar licks are his own. Everyone has creative freedom with their parts. That helps to create our unique sound.

1120: One of the things we love about your band — whether it’s your social media, or the EP cover, or the ‘Fuzzy’ baby-head box — is you guys have such a cool visual aesthetic, but also this underlying twisted sense of humor. What’s the band’s philosophy toward the music/art you guys create?


C&J: Our outlook on this band is we’re gonna play what we want — a kinda ‘we are what we are’ take-it-or-leave-it approach. 

We dig B movies and have Adult Swim-type senses of humor that definitely reflects in our social media posts. 

1120: Besides the album, is there anything else on the agenda for BOZO in 2024?

C&J: As for our plans for 2024, come spring we’ll be looking to get out there and promote the upcoming album playing shows. Also, continue to grow together as a band while working on new material.


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