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Working Hard & Having a Blast: Word’s Getting Around about Division Rivals

(EDITOR’S NOTE — Division Rivals are a relatively new band on the Buffalo scene and turned a lot of heads with their set during the first-ever Amyspalooza last month. The band is now putting its final touches on their debut demo and will be hosting an Oct. 28 Halloween show at Amy’s Place. The band is comprised of Zay Lester – Vocals; Chaz Lamar – Bass; Jake Maurer — Guitar; Dangelo Johnson — Drums, and NeDavion Parmer – Sax. Chaz was nice enough to speak with 1120 Press recently for the story below. — Photos Provided.)

1120 PRESS: Thanks for speaking to us! You guys are just coming off playing ‘Amyspalooza’ and now the band is throwing a Halloween show at the end of the month at Amy’s Place. For a band that is relatively new to the scene, how has everything been going, and what’s your impression of the scene so far?

CHAZ LAMAR: This has been a fucking blast so far. We're new. We have been doing shows all over Western New York since only April, and a majority of these shows we've done has just been by word of mouth and references from other people in the scene. We don't have anything out yet, but it seems like more and more people have been checking for us.

1120: You guys are working on a demo. What can you tell us about it?

CL: You know, we label ourselves a punk band, but you can see from the shit we listen to that we all have very different influences. I guess our sound is just genuinely us. We aren't trying to be anyone besides ourselves. I think we're looking at eight songs in total. We're shooting for the end of October for everything to be wrapped up. I'm very excited for it.

1120: Tell us about the Oct. 28 Halloween show: How did it all come about and what can people expect?

CL: So, our very first show we did was all put together by us and another band ‘Dial In.’ Very DIY, but it turned out incredible. From there we have been getting booked just from word of mouth. We don't have anything on any streaming platforms at all. You really gotta see it live. Ever since our first show we have been pretty busy as a band, but there is nothing better than doing it yourself. We all agreed that we'll go back to our DIY roots and host a show. Vinnie from 716gigs got us the night we wanted at Amy’s Place after we did Amyspalooza, and I hand-picked each band to perform with us on the 28th. We’ll be putting on the craziest show of the year. I feel like a kid anticipating Christmas. A lot of energy!

1120: Besides the Halloween gig and demo release, what else do you guys have on the horizon?

CL: We just picked up another show tonight at Mohawk Place on Friday the 13th! Ideally, we get in a bunch of more shows. I really like the DIY aspect of things. I will probably host another show myself after this Halloween one.

1120: Is there anything you want to add that we haven’t touched on?

CL: Create the environment you want to be in! I’m loving the ride of being an up-and-coming band. The support has been great, and I want to be able to support everyone who started out like us. We’re living proof anyone can start a band if you’re crazy enough.

I’d also like to thank, personally, Daredevil Records out in Niagara Falls — a beautiful record store run by great people who want to help artists.

Also, all the girlfriends of our bandmates. Ashley, Steph and Emily, we can’t do shit without you guys. All in all, this has been a rollercoaster of a journey and it’s only getting started! I’m very excited to see what we can add to the Buffalo Punk/Hardcore scene.


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