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SOUND BITES: A Round-Up of New Music News from the Buffalo Scene

Updated: Jun 11

(EDITOR’S NOTES — Bands across the scene in Buffalo have been working on, and releasing, new music at a furious pace. In an effort to keep up with what’s happening, 1120 Press, on occasion, will be publishing ‘Sound Bites’ to highlight what’s brand new, and what’s coming, as it relates to recorded music. Feel free to give us a heads up at … New music only; please do not send information relating to shows.)


Buffalo first-wave hardcore band G.O.A. was recently in the studio with the legendary engineer/producer Don Fury, whose legacy includes work with bands such as Agnostic Front, Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today and Helmet. The band will soon be releasing a 7-inch from the Fury sessions. Keep your ear to the ground because it’s coming soon. G.O.A., which also just contributed to the massive NOFX tribute compilation, always has something cool going on. Follow them on INSTA.

Juggernaut, the Buffalo metallic hardcore band which includes G.O.A. drummer MikeUnion Jeffers, also has newly recorded music in the pipeline and will be out with a new EP in the very near future. Follow Juggernaut HERE.

 The excellent Buffalo indie band Roger Bryan and the Orphans will be dropping a new album — both digitally and on vinyl — this summer. The new LP is expected to hit in July. Watch 1120 Press for more on that release later this month and keep up to date on all the band is doing HERE.

Session work at GCR Audio has wrapped up for Music Is Art’s Good Neighbors Vol. 4. The forthcoming 11-song project features more than 30 local musicians and songwriters. Follow Music Is Art HERE to keep up with the news regarding the album’s forthcoming release.

Buffalo melodic hardcore band, Do Crime, will be dropping its first release tomorrow, June 5.  Pre-save the release HERE. Follow Do Crime HERE.

The scorching new 8-song album ‘Ad Nauseam’ recently released by Buffalo hardcore band World on Fire is on the streams. The band is also releasing the new LP on vinyl, which you can now order HERE.

Those hyperactive lads in Division Rivals are at it again and have just released a 3-track EP, ‘Garments,’ featuring the songs ‘Ricky,’ ‘CREATURE,’ and ‘Balenc!aga.’ The new EP comes quickly on the heels of the band’s recently released 5-song demo, ‘Rusty.’  Follow the band HERE.

The uber-creative Joey B has released two new singles and videos for the songs ‘Official Cheese of the Buffalo Bills’ and ‘Not About You.’ The preceding links will take you to the videos; check them out! You can follow Joey B’s music at his Bandcamp page HERE and also follow him on INSTA.

Olexi, aka Brandon Oleksy, continues his remarkable 12-albums-in-12-months project with the new release of his album ‘Whatever Your Heart Desires.’ The album has actually been released under the name ‘Ashlexi,’ marking the LP’s collaborative effort between Olexi and Ash of the band Electric Bath.


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