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SOUND BITES: New Music from Inhaler and Personal Style!

(EDITOR’S NOTES — Bands across the scene in Buffalo have been working on, and releasing, new music at a furious pace. In an effort to keep up with what’s happening, 1120 Press, on occasion, will be publishing ‘Sound Bites’ to highlight what’s brand new, and what’s coming, as it relates to recorded music. Feel free to give us a heads up at … New music only; please do not send information relating to shows.)


Whoa! New music releases in the same week from Inhaler and Personal Style — the former debuting a blistering two-song demo, and the latter dropping an avalanche of new songs via two separate album compilations.


And to think, it’s not even Christmas. Lucky us!




It didn’t take long for Inhaler to make a name for itself on the Buffalo scene with its electrifying live performances, and the band does a remarkable job of capturing that same intensity digitally on these demos.


In short, the band’s newly released songs — Cheddar Void and Forced Kin — will melt your face off.


With its powerful riffs, Inhaler does a masterful job blending punk, hardcore and metal for a sound it characterizes as ‘Asthma Punk.’ Whatever that is, we want more.


**(And by the way, there may not be a better band photo in Buffalo than Inhaler’s nocturnal image outside Video Liquidators (shot by Greg Kolb). Check it out… and then wash your eyes.)


PERSONAL STYLE — 2020 Compilation & 2021 Compilation


Buffalo punk band Personal Style has always moved at its own place — a pace that seems to run contrary to the immediacy of a world ruled by social media. It’s an admirable trait, but let’s face it: fans of the band — and there are many — want more, dammit.


We’re not speaking out of turn here. In a profile of Personal Style’s bassist Stephen Floyd done by 1120 Press earlier this year, he acknowledged the band has a tendency to “sit” on songs. In fact, on its Insta account back in January — in a post that included an image of a whiteboard full of songs that looked like the blackboard from the Russell Crowe movie “A Beautiful Mind” — the band said: “(We’re) hoping to release more music this year, record more music this year, tour more this year. We have lots of songs to share.”


Fortunately for us, Personal Style is keeping true to its word.


In wake of its May 16 show at Hickory Urban Sanctuary in Buffalo which kicked off a tour through states including Ohio, Illinois and New Jersey, the band has now released 26 new tracks — 26!! — spread out over two compilations which can be heard/downloaded HERE.


Recorded in Buffalo at GCR with Jay Zubricky, and at Mammoth Recording Studio with Justin Smith — and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air — the new release of older music is vintage Personal Style, which is to say it’s excellent.


Get on this — now! After all, it’s what we’ve been waiting for.






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